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Brooklyn Flood and Water Damage

Immediate Assistance

Water damage isn't just unpleasant and disruptive – it can also be very dangerous. Whether your roof is leaking, your basement is overflowing or you have been the victim of outside flooding, you need to call a professional immediately. Here at Brooklyn Rug Cleaning, we offer round-the clock assistance from expert technicians who know exactly how to contain the situation – and fast.

Minimizing Damage

Using heavy-duty machinery the crew will extract all of the moisture from your home as quickly as possible. This will prevent the build-up of mold and mildew, which can begin growing as quickly as 48 hours after water damage. Because these are a potential health hazard, time is of the essence. We also offer a start-to-finish sewage back-up service, another unpleasant job best left to professionals.

We’re at your service, 24/7, so call us now for immediate assistance on (718) 972-0009.

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