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Style and Class

Beautiful rugs can add style and class to any room. And whether they are expensive pieces or family heirlooms, Brooklyn Rug Cleaning knows that they are always precious to their owners. That's why we employ only the most experienced professionals, who know exactly what cleaning method will be best for your particular piece.

Clean and Green

After an initial inspection, we will remove the dust particles (with a thorough vacuum) from your rug. We will proceed to clean it gently - using the most appropriate method - and then rinse it thoroughly, to ensure no sticky residue is left. We will extract the moisture using our special dehumidifying techniques; your rug should be fully dried 12-24 hours later. The fringe will be combed, and the rug groomed, and before it is returned to you we will inspect it a final time.

We use only environmentally-friendly products in all of our work, which are effective yet gentle. So leave your rug in our capable hands.

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