Brooklyn Area Rug Repair

A wide variety of techniques

Your rug is no doubt very special to you, which is why it's devastating when you realize it has a nasty rip or tear. But help is here - in the form of Brooklyn Rug Cleaning. Our employees are all familiar with a wide variety of techniques all designed to repair your rug perfectly, including:

  • Patching up
  • Mending tears
  • Reweaving fringes and tassels
  • Removing mold and mildew growths
  • Removing pet urine odors

Safe with us

We are extremely experienced when it comes to weaves and dyes and guarantee to repair your rug in such a way that it gives it years more life. Our staff are experienced in all kinds of complex repair techniques. Whether it is silk, Oriental, Turkish or synthetic, your rug will be safe with us.

You don't have to throw out your rug - just let us repair it.
Call us now on (718) 972-0009.

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