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Extend your rug's life

Whether you've inherited your rug, or spent time and effort choosing it, it's an investment you want to protect. And rug padding is an excellent way not just to keep your rug looking good, but also to extend its life.

A good rug pad should protect the rug and the carpet, keep you comfortable and also keep the rug itself from slipping around. A good rug pad will also make vacuuming easier (by increasing air flow) which means dirt can be sucked up more easily, reducing the need for professional cleanings. The padding will make walking on your rug more comfortable and the grip means it can't move around easily, making your home safer for your children and old people.

Minimize wear and tear

Here at Brooklyn Rug Cleaners, our experienced and well-trained staff offer free consultations at your home, and can advise you on the kind of rug padding that best suits your needs. We stock all styles and fabrics, including jute, polyester, rubber and felt.

Minimize the wear and tear your rug will suffer and invest in padding.
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